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Santas Naughty Daughter by Bicabo Santas Naughty Daughter by Bicabo
Santas daughter believe it or not is a naughty young woman. Instead of being like her father and honoring those who were nice. She pays a visit every christmas eve to all the boys who have been naughty for the year and she gets naughty for them if u know what i mean. HO HO HO is right.

Here is the link to the speedpainting

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Liketheisland Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Professional Filmographer
If you want critique, let’s start from the top down. Be careful you don’t cut off too much of the ear with that cheekbone; you want it to look like it’s at least partially attached to the head. Also, the head itself is gigantic compared to the rest of the body. If this lady were real, she’d never be able to stand up under the weight of her head. Thirdly, the chest would slope outward from the collarbone in profile as opposed to plunging straight down like it is now. The arm and lower torso need to be fleshed out as well; they look too pinched. The torso’s thickness should match up with the upward curves of the buttocks and upper thigh. And of course, the arm: It would be beneficial to note that arms in general are thicker at the shoulder and taper toward the wrist. Deltoid plz? The hand is impossibly small, too; remember that a person’s hand should be approximately the same length as their face. Based on all the anatomy issues going on here, I’d strongly recommend you look at some muscle and proportion references and religiously practice sketching them (fun fact: Did you know women automatically have 30% more body fat on average than men? Skinny sticks with pinched torsos = not feminine and not attractive).
Some other stuff, too: what exactly is her right hand doing? I feel if it were actually holding a prop of some sort or maybe placed on the hip, it would make the whole picture that much sexier. Also, just what kind of material makes up that skirt? It looks like some kind of weird Lady Gaga-inspired plastic fanny pack. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing… personally, I would’ve gone with satin. Perhaps looking at some fashion photos will help you get a better idea of how different materials hang on the form. You might want to consider showing some of the left leg, too, to give the figure a greater sense of depth. Finally, the hair: How many girls have you seen irl with hard black lines in their hair? Shading on hair is comprised of numerous interactions between the base color, midtones, highlights, and shadows. Again- REFERENCE. It’ll make your pin-ups SO much hotter. Good job on the facial proportions, though.
Bicabo Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow Arkan009 first off i just wanna say thx. Im glad you took the time to critique. I cannot tell you how much that is appreciated. I agree with you alot especially with the size of the head I always seem to forget that when im drawing. I always for some reason make the head bigger than the body. Idk why I do that its like a bad habit but I will keep that in mind. As far as the figure anatomy I agree with you again as well i recently just started doing female anatomy i usually use to just draw superhero guys so im not really use to drawing the female form the breasts always throw me off. I have some good news though yesterday i applied to nassau community college so i will be going to school for this stuff i think classes start around late january for the spring semester. Im gonna look at those anatomy books as well like you said especially for the females. I can't thx you enough thx you. Feel free to keep looking at my work and critique if u have time. I look forward to seeing some more of your work as well.
Thx you
Brian N aka Bicabo

Ps your funny I like how you called my outfit for her a "Lady Gaga-inspired plastic fanny pack" HA HA
Liketheisland Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Professional Filmographer
If they really made those I'd buy one like THAT!! :D And it's awesome you're going to school for art; you'll see such a huge improvement- I know I did. Good luck!
Bicabo Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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October 27, 2010
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